Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Letters Part II

I've been procrastinating for a long time and I ignored my blog and my penpalling for a few weeks. Lately I got back and I wrote almost all my letters (tomorrow I will spend some money at the post office :P ) and now is time to post the wonderful letters I received since November on.

The first one on the list is Emily from USA. She sent me a spooky Halloween themed letter and drew alot of spooky animals, plus she added quotes to each sticker and it was so funny to read her quotes. She put 2 stamps with Pixar/Disney and I must say that I lovee them! Thank you!

Second one is Ali, from Turkey. He sent me a wonderful letter, a pleasure to read. He also included some bus tickets (one from Greece and 2 from Hungary. I also love the stamps, they are so simple but so wonderful. Thank you!

Third one is Sigi from Germany and I love the stationary :) And her handwriting is so amazing :D 

The forth one is from Yoanna, from Hong Kong :) She surprised me, because at first I didn't knew who she was because we had a conversation in september about us being penpals and she was the one to send the letter first and I forgot about her (I was in the middle of getting new penpals :P ) but I am really happy that she wrote. She is in love with cats, and I love the little card she sent me :D I will use it as a bookmark :) Thank you dear!

The fifth one is from Anne Mette. She is a wonderful person and she sent me a letter written on 3 types of stationary (yey!!) and I got a FB and a Twilight postcard! I am soo loving it :D Thank you dear soo much! <3 HUGS!

The sixth one is from Nastya (Russia) and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many pictures in my letter :D. She is a handmade artist and sent me some pictures with her art. She is still learning and I must say that she is a fine artist :D I really love them, especially the cute little sheep :D 

The seventh one is from Ope, from USA. She sent me a really nice letter and I love how she sketched a silhouette on the back :) I feel so special haha :D

The eight one is a letter from Nienke :D (hey dear!) 

The night one is from Fenny Shi :). She sent me a postcard too, of a monument that is pretty impressive ( click here for more info :D ). Also the stamps are lovely :)


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