Sunday, February 2, 2014

New year

Hello there,

Is February and I've realised what a bad blogger I am. It seems that nothing sticks with me lately.

This new year of 2014 started pretty well for me, finished one semester of the last 4 I have and in one month I will start my second. I can't wait to finish studying, I guess 18 years of school will be enough for me, I have to start living.

I've travelled for the winter holidays and I hated it that there was no snow. Now here in Poland is snowed a little(but now it melted) and it was freaking cold and now in Romania is snowing and we have at least 1 meter of snow, and I am not there! 

Anyhow, regarding penpalling and sending postcards. I've sent some before Christmas and some after and I wrote some letters, but not as many as I intended. I don't know what is wrong with me, maybe is the new place? Maybe is that I moved and I can't get myself to do nothing productive?

I guess I have to feel safe to be able to write and to be contempt with myself. My life at this moment seems really boring and maybe it really is. I remember being home, happy and having my desk and all my pens and handmade envelopes and cute stickers and here with me I have nothing, because I don't dare buying much because it will be hard to carry home.

I had this bad feeling of penpals criticizing me for my lack of wonderful envelopes, wonderful writting and letter pads, wonderful stickers and stamps, and now I feel it being even worse.

Plus I hate my mailbox, because I live in a dorm and I know that they usually give me everything but I always feel paranoid that I will loose some things and that drives me crazy. There is the option of a mailbox at the postoffice but my polish is non-existent and their english is hardly there and I gave up.

I don't know how to get out of this hole of insecurities and also of the fear that I ignored my penpals to much and they wont want to write me back. It is hard when you loose a penpal?

I'll finish my rambling here, hope I am not the only one that is passing through this kind of things but mine got out of control and I am sorry for being like this. Sorry!

P.S: I will start adding pictures of what I received and what I sent, when I will get them ;)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yey, I am not dead.. Seriously I am not!

Hello people!!!

Nice to write to you again. I've been away for 11 months -_-" so bad. But I have a reason..
Many things happened since december, I've finished university (yey I am an engineer) and also I had some family problems, found my significant other and now I am living for the rest 9 months in another country, which is Poland :D yey! 

I am currently and Erasmus student and I will study on year of my master (MSc) here and then go back to Romania. I've taken all my letters with me and I already replied to a bunch of them but still didn't sent them because I just got used with the country and being alone in a country where I can only say "Hello" and "Thank you"(okay, I am lying, a few more words hihi). 

I've been around the city and I've started gathering some postcards because they are 0.25 euros each and they are really good quality, now on to find some stationary :D

Unfortunatelly, I don't have any pictures of received postcards or letters because the letters are all scanned and my postcards are at home because I didn't change my postcrossing address and my mom is always showing them on skype and being a cutie reading in english for me :D

I will get back with news soon :) 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Little Update :)

Thank you so much for the the new followers :) I will check you all soon! 

Hope that all of you are okay and I hope that tomorrow you will all mail some letters (finally the post office is open for a couple of days) and receive many letters :D so they feed your hungry mailbox (poor it is grumpy and hungry with all of these holidays)!

I wish you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and that Santa brought you all the things you wished for, and for the ones that celebrate in January :) Merry Christmas. 
As you all know, soon the end of the year is here and one of my resolution is to read more than I did this year and for that I need some recommendations :) Do any of you know some good books? I don't mind what year they were written :) I just want a good story. I even like some general knowledge books, but please no historical books (if it has many years and names then I will pass it) or IT. It can be biology, geography or any other sorts :) 

So please fell free to comment :)

Andy xoxo

P.S: I will update the rest of the postcards a bit later :) 

Letters Part III

These are the last ones I received, all of them in the beginning of December :)

First one is from Vicky from Germany :) I love the reindeer on the envelope :D so cuttee! She also sent me a postcard with Cape Arkona. Thank you so much! Also I love the stamp with 500 years of... (I don't know).

Second one is Nadz from Malaysia and again I received a wonderful and cute envelope and letter! The envelope is soo cute, with Domo Kun :D and as you can see there are only 3 stamps, one got lost on the way :( but still they are really cute. I love especially the one with the ship. Beside her long letter, she sent me some stickers and some "money" that is used to be given on children from Eid, after the Ramadan is over. 

The third one is from Linda (Netherlands) and she was the one that sent me the first Christmas card and I love everything from her letter :D. Beside the wonderful letter written on cute stationary she sent me some tea bags, which I will try soon! :D I can't wait to see how the one with cinnamon apple tastes :D I never drank one like that! 

The forth one is from Wendy from Ireland. I loved her letter and we found out that we share many things :) and she also sent me a Christmas postcard with donkeys :D Thank you so much!

The fifth one and the last letter is from Pat, from Poland :) She also included near her letter a Christmas card :) 

Now the rest are Christmas cards from some of my penpals :). The first one is from Carey (Thank you so much!) The reindeer is soo cutte <3

The second one is from Nienke :) Thank you so much dear!

The third one is from Simon from The Netherlands :) Merry Christmas to you too dear :)

And the last one is from Yvonne, from Germany :) I really love the postcard and I would love a globe (I hope that is the right name) like that on my tree :)

Letters Part II

I've been procrastinating for a long time and I ignored my blog and my penpalling for a few weeks. Lately I got back and I wrote almost all my letters (tomorrow I will spend some money at the post office :P ) and now is time to post the wonderful letters I received since November on.

The first one on the list is Emily from USA. She sent me a spooky Halloween themed letter and drew alot of spooky animals, plus she added quotes to each sticker and it was so funny to read her quotes. She put 2 stamps with Pixar/Disney and I must say that I lovee them! Thank you!

Second one is Ali, from Turkey. He sent me a wonderful letter, a pleasure to read. He also included some bus tickets (one from Greece and 2 from Hungary. I also love the stamps, they are so simple but so wonderful. Thank you!

Third one is Sigi from Germany and I love the stationary :) And her handwriting is so amazing :D 

The forth one is from Yoanna, from Hong Kong :) She surprised me, because at first I didn't knew who she was because we had a conversation in september about us being penpals and she was the one to send the letter first and I forgot about her (I was in the middle of getting new penpals :P ) but I am really happy that she wrote. She is in love with cats, and I love the little card she sent me :D I will use it as a bookmark :) Thank you dear!

The fifth one is from Anne Mette. She is a wonderful person and she sent me a letter written on 3 types of stationary (yey!!) and I got a FB and a Twilight postcard! I am soo loving it :D Thank you dear soo much! <3 HUGS!

The sixth one is from Nastya (Russia) and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many pictures in my letter :D. She is a handmade artist and sent me some pictures with her art. She is still learning and I must say that she is a fine artist :D I really love them, especially the cute little sheep :D 

The seventh one is from Ope, from USA. She sent me a really nice letter and I love how she sketched a silhouette on the back :) I feel so special haha :D

The eight one is a letter from Nienke :D (hey dear!) 

The night one is from Fenny Shi :). She sent me a postcard too, of a monument that is pretty impressive ( click here for more info :D ). Also the stamps are lovely :)