Sunday, November 25, 2012

Part 1 - Letters Oct - Nov 2012

These letters are the ones I received from the end of September until the middle of November. Beside these I have about 10 more letters and a bunch of postcards, but they aren't with me in university at this moment :) Those I will post next weekend when I am going home :D

So here they are :

The letters are from : Patrycya (Poland), Anastasya (Russia), Elin (Norway), Marleen ( The Netherlands), Wei (Malaysia), Jana ( Czech Rep.), Jessica ( France), Carey ( USA), Miley (China), Simon (The Netherlands), Yvonne ( Germany), Ricarda (Germany) and Ultika (Sweden).
From these I replied to the first 3 and now I am working on the 4th one :). 

These are all the stamps from the letters :) I am saving some space with picasa haha. The stamp by row:
1) Poland, Czech Rep. and The Netherlands
2) Russia, Czech Rep., U.S.A
3) Russia, Norway, Germany
4) Malaysia, Sweden, China


  1. Nice !!! There's a way to have unlimited free picasa space :) You just have to resize the pictures, so they're 800 pixels or less on it's longest side ... If they're are that size, they doesn't count on your space :)

    1. You hacker! :D Thank you so much for the tip!So I should set my camera on 800x600 px? btw, I wanted to ask you, what is that 4 things thing you are posting all around your blog?

    2. I don't do it on camera, I resize them on Photoshop or GIMP (You can download GIMP for free, and it's easy to use) ... T "4 things" thing is something I saw on a few blogs: every sunday you post 4 things that you want to do during the week, and next sunday you post if you did them :)

    3. Better quality :D I'll install Photoshop next week - I miss that program (It was my favourite one a few years ago).

      the 4 thing challenge it makes you motivated to do those things :D I'm thinking to start too!

  2. Sounds like you're going to have lots of fun answering these letters! Enjoy your writing time! :)

    1. Yes I hope so ! haha. I hope that I will finish them till the middle of December, so they whould be on their way. Is my first year as a penpaller and I read that on December, because of Christmas, is bad time to send cards :P

      Thank you so much!