Sunday, February 2, 2014

New year

Hello there,

Is February and I've realised what a bad blogger I am. It seems that nothing sticks with me lately.

This new year of 2014 started pretty well for me, finished one semester of the last 4 I have and in one month I will start my second. I can't wait to finish studying, I guess 18 years of school will be enough for me, I have to start living.

I've travelled for the winter holidays and I hated it that there was no snow. Now here in Poland is snowed a little(but now it melted) and it was freaking cold and now in Romania is snowing and we have at least 1 meter of snow, and I am not there! 

Anyhow, regarding penpalling and sending postcards. I've sent some before Christmas and some after and I wrote some letters, but not as many as I intended. I don't know what is wrong with me, maybe is the new place? Maybe is that I moved and I can't get myself to do nothing productive?

I guess I have to feel safe to be able to write and to be contempt with myself. My life at this moment seems really boring and maybe it really is. I remember being home, happy and having my desk and all my pens and handmade envelopes and cute stickers and here with me I have nothing, because I don't dare buying much because it will be hard to carry home.

I had this bad feeling of penpals criticizing me for my lack of wonderful envelopes, wonderful writting and letter pads, wonderful stickers and stamps, and now I feel it being even worse.

Plus I hate my mailbox, because I live in a dorm and I know that they usually give me everything but I always feel paranoid that I will loose some things and that drives me crazy. There is the option of a mailbox at the postoffice but my polish is non-existent and their english is hardly there and I gave up.

I don't know how to get out of this hole of insecurities and also of the fear that I ignored my penpals to much and they wont want to write me back. It is hard when you loose a penpal?

I'll finish my rambling here, hope I am not the only one that is passing through this kind of things but mine got out of control and I am sorry for being like this. Sorry!

P.S: I will start adding pictures of what I received and what I sent, when I will get them ;)


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