Monday, August 20, 2012

Late August

Hello there!

I had a little problem with my camera and it was in the service for almost 3 weeks :( but now is back in my hands and working perfectly, plus I was a bit busy and too lazy to scan my cards :P

Since my last post I received a few more cards (the letters in another post):

First one is from Marlen from Germany :)


Second one from Guido from Great Britain 


Third one from I-Shing from Taiwan, a beautiful night skyline of Taipei


Forth one from Christina, Germany. The first card I received from Touchnote by Samsung. Is soo shinny :)

The stamp is not available with this type of card

Fifth one and the last for now is a cute and wonderful card from Julie from Canada :D


Thank you all for making my hungry mail box happy and myself too :) (I am more happy than my mail box)


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