Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Yey, I am not dead.. Seriously I am not!

Hello people!!!

Nice to write to you again. I've been away for 11 months -_-" so bad. But I have a reason..
Many things happened since december, I've finished university (yey I am an engineer) and also I had some family problems, found my significant other and now I am living for the rest 9 months in another country, which is Poland :D yey! 

I am currently and Erasmus student and I will study on year of my master (MSc) here and then go back to Romania. I've taken all my letters with me and I already replied to a bunch of them but still didn't sent them because I just got used with the country and being alone in a country where I can only say "Hello" and "Thank you"(okay, I am lying, a few more words hihi). 

I've been around the city and I've started gathering some postcards because they are 0.25 euros each and they are really good quality, now on to find some stationary :D

Unfortunatelly, I don't have any pictures of received postcards or letters because the letters are all scanned and my postcards are at home because I didn't change my postcrossing address and my mom is always showing them on skype and being a cutie reading in english for me :D

I will get back with news soon :) 


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