Sunday, September 9, 2012

Letters: 1 - 9th September 2012

This past week was a really good on when it come to mail :D 
I have received a bunch more letters which need to be replied too, and regarding my busy schedule, I still have some from last week, but today I finally started replying after 2 weeks of waiting. Sorry for the delays! This week I send almost 20 postcards (they are easier to write) for postcrossing and private swap. I can't wait for the ones Ill get in return :D 

So here is this weeks mail:

The first one I got is from Ireland from a penpal, with whom I have so many common ideas to share with.

This short letter is from my first penpal from Turkey (as you can see).

This postcard depicting an old Chinese street is from Miley :D I really, really love this postcard!

The last and not least the letter I was waiting from Canada :D So many questions and so many answer to write. I can't wait!

The last but not least, a short first letter from Yvonee :) 


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