Sunday, November 25, 2012

I'm back!

Hello my dear friends!

I am so sorry for my long absence. My busy university schedule didn't let me do anything, and beside this I had exams too.. not fun at all -_-" but now I am a bit free and Christmas is near so the prof. are a bit easier on us.

Beside this, 2 weeks ago when I wanted to transfer some photos that I made to my computer, my SD - card broke :D I was "delighten" :(( It was a 4 gb card and I still have photos on it :( I don't know why it broke, but it broke when I took it out from the camera, when I pushed it to pop up. Is only a little part of it(only the plastic), but I had to go and buy another one. I hope ill be able to do somehow to recover my data from it. 

Tomorrow is Sunday and I will do some entries with my October entries, because my november ones are still at home and I am at university. 

As you can see I changed my theme, because I had a little problem with the comments, and honestly this one is a bit more fresh.. the other one was too dull. 

I received sooo many letters and a bunch of postcards! For some of my readers that are my penpals and wait for my letter, I am soo sorry for the delay, but I will write to you soon! (today I wrote 4 letters).

:) Hope you are all good and I am so glad that I am back!



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