Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Little Update :)

Thank you so much for the the new followers :) I will check you all soon! 

Hope that all of you are okay and I hope that tomorrow you will all mail some letters (finally the post office is open for a couple of days) and receive many letters :D so they feed your hungry mailbox (poor it is grumpy and hungry with all of these holidays)!

I wish you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and that Santa brought you all the things you wished for, and for the ones that celebrate in January :) Merry Christmas. 
As you all know, soon the end of the year is here and one of my resolution is to read more than I did this year and for that I need some recommendations :) Do any of you know some good books? I don't mind what year they were written :) I just want a good story. I even like some general knowledge books, but please no historical books (if it has many years and names then I will pass it) or IT. It can be biology, geography or any other sorts :) 

So please fell free to comment :)

Andy xoxo

P.S: I will update the rest of the postcards a bit later :) 


  1. Hey there Andrea, this is Claudia from Spain :) I discovered your blog by chance and I decided to write you a little something ^_^ Hope you had a great Christmas! My mailbox is kind of hungry hah we've had 3 free-days in a row so I miss my mail >_< About books, I highly reccomend two of my fav ones: 1984 and Animal Farm, both from George Orwell.

    Nice to meet you and warm greetings from Barcelona :)

    1. Hey Claudia, nice to meet you! *hugs*

      Here too, I didn't receive nothing from 21th of December and today I was really happy that I got some awesome postcards from postcrossing :)

      Thank you so much for the 2 book titles, I loved Animal Farm but I didn't read 1984 yet :) I will read it soon! Thank you


  2. I'm an avid crime novels reader, but I'm not sure it's the genre you like... Anyway, if by any chance you like it as well, here are my favourite authors (some of them): Camilla Läckberg, Jussi Adler-Olsen, Harlan Coben, or Arnaldur Indriðason.