Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Letters Part III

These are the last ones I received, all of them in the beginning of December :)

First one is from Vicky from Germany :) I love the reindeer on the envelope :D so cuttee! She also sent me a postcard with Cape Arkona. Thank you so much! Also I love the stamp with 500 years of... (I don't know).

Second one is Nadz from Malaysia and again I received a wonderful and cute envelope and letter! The envelope is soo cute, with Domo Kun :D and as you can see there are only 3 stamps, one got lost on the way :( but still they are really cute. I love especially the one with the ship. Beside her long letter, she sent me some stickers and some "money" that is used to be given on children from Eid, after the Ramadan is over. 

The third one is from Linda (Netherlands) and she was the one that sent me the first Christmas card and I love everything from her letter :D. Beside the wonderful letter written on cute stationary she sent me some tea bags, which I will try soon! :D I can't wait to see how the one with cinnamon apple tastes :D I never drank one like that! 

The forth one is from Wendy from Ireland. I loved her letter and we found out that we share many things :) and she also sent me a Christmas postcard with donkeys :D Thank you so much!

The fifth one and the last letter is from Pat, from Poland :) She also included near her letter a Christmas card :) 

Now the rest are Christmas cards from some of my penpals :). The first one is from Carey (Thank you so much!) The reindeer is soo cutte <3

The second one is from Nienke :) Thank you so much dear!

The third one is from Simon from The Netherlands :) Merry Christmas to you too dear :)

And the last one is from Yvonne, from Germany :) I really love the postcard and I would love a globe (I hope that is the right name) like that on my tree :)

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  1. Your blog is so awesome:) I can't wait to see next notes ^^