Monday, August 20, 2012

Letter: week 13 - 19 August 2012

Getting up to date, last week I received 3 letters, wonderful letters. 

The first one I received Philis, I waited for her long letter so I can answer her the other one too.Confused? We both sent letters in the same time and we came up asking the same questions, so we decided to only have one letter travelling at one time. So after receiving this one I wrote her the longest letter from my entire life, 14 long pages :D. Hope she wont mind reading all of that :D. Also she sent me some stickers but I forgot to photograph them.

The second letter was from the wonderful France. Jessica sent me a letter on those sweet stationery because I asked her to write me again on them, they are my mom's favourite flowers (she is even named after them) and she really loved them (am I the only one that goes around the family to show them what I received?). She also sent me some tea :D I can't wait to drink it!

My last letter was from Dominika, who sent me a coin from her country. I never expected that!


Thank you dear ladies :D


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