Thursday, September 27, 2012

Incoming : 24 - 27 September 2012

On Monday my mailbox was full :D I just love Mondays (but only when is about receiving mail :D). I got 3 letters and 3 postcards from postcrossing. 
The first one is from Christin. I am so excited to reply to her, second one is from Anne, my new penpal which I found on facebook (Penpalling and letters group).

The third one just blew me off. I was really stunned when I received it. I was amazed because it was the first letter from a new penpal from Mexico and he said that he is interested in learning romanian, but I wasn't expecting a letter in romanian :D I was sooo pleased :) Thank you soo much Jeronimo! O să îţi răspund repede!

After that I received 3 postcards. They were from Finland, Hong Kong and Canada and all were animal themed :D

I also received 2 letters and a postcard today :D

Letters from Patrycja and Anastasya :D

A postcrossing postcard from China, from Andy :)


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