Monday, September 10, 2012

Postcrossing: 10th of September 2012

I recently decided to make a small collection with postcards from  each major city from Romania. That means that I will have at least 42 postcards. Romania is divided in 41 counties and Bucharest, which is counted as an individual city. 

I asked some help and today I received my first 2 postcards. I got one from Constanta and one from Timisoara. 

This postcard represents The Casino, the most representative monument from Constanta. It was built in 1910 after the Art Nouveau style. 

The cathedral's foundation stone was put on 6th of August 1736. It was designed by Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach from Vienna, then Hans Lechner continued the building from 1750. It was finished by two architects from TimişoaraJohann Theodor Kostka and Carl Alexander Steinlein in 1774. The Dome was built in Austrian baroque style and it was dedicated to Saint George, the dioceses patron saint. The picture located at the high altar was painted by Michelangelo Unterberger, the director of fine arts academy of Vienna, illustrating the patron saint. The side altars were painted by Johann Nepomuk Schöpf in 1772.  


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