Tuesday, September 18, 2012

17 September 2012

After a long weekend which was really exciting because I had to study :P, my mailbox made me extremely happy :D

I got 4 letters and 2 postcards :) Lucky me :D

I got a long letter from Becky and some cute little gifts :D I was really excited to receive her reply :D

The second letter is from Nienke :D I loooooovvvee the envelope, is soo nice and colorful.

Third one from Sharon :D shy bear envelope.. adorable <3

Forth one from Emily :D I just fell in love with her! haha

The first postcard I received is a private swap and it comes from Hong Kong. I loove the view and the colors, everything :) I need to visit it once :D

The second postcard is a postcard from postcrossing.com, from The Netherlands :D

translation : Loads of luck in everything :)


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