Monday, August 20, 2012

Letters: 20 August 2012 - part 1

Today I received a postcard (bellow from postcrossing, the one from Canada) and 3 letters.

I received one beautiful one from Nienke (btw, you can find her here ) and I received a handmade envelope from her "selfmade envelopes"post (which one I can't guess.. I looked at it and back at the pictures for 5 minutes o_O) and some other goodies :D (tomorrow I'll tell you). 

I also received a letter from Jenny and I can't wait to reply her.

And the last one just blow me away.. Nadz, my jaw was dropped when I saw your letter :D you convinced me that I really have to start making my own mail art :D

Tomorrow picture time, stay tunned :)


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