Thursday, July 26, 2012

How everything started :)

You know that little happy man jumping in you when you receive something addressed for you in the mail? I myself said to myself "why not feel it more times?". And in the end it brought me to postcrossing :) 

Postcrossing, where you feel that jumping each week (if you are lucky haha) or at least once or twice per month. It worth each penny you spend on the postcards and the stamps, the joy when you go "hunting" for some specific cards, or the little disappoint when you don't find what you are searching, but in the end everything works out when the receiver says "ohh.. thank you is really beautiful".

Now I am a happy postcrosser :) one that is only one month old (started on 25th of July 2012) but who cares? I am happy for the love I will receive in the mail, for the beautiful cards that will smile like a kid when I see them in the mail. 

Postcrossing showed me that you can be a pen pal too , so on the 16th of July 2012 I sent my first letters, it was hard to write but it deserved each second I spent on it. 

To sum it up this blog will be a "journal" of what I receive and what I send from this date on (26.07.2012)


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